ACCESS TO MEDIATION (Children issues)

As mediators we are only too aware of the value of family mediation in helping parents come to arrangements for their children. 


In some countries children issues family mediation is so valued by society that it offered free to everyone. We agree that access to mediation should be as wide as possible.     (Click 'Read more')


New! Skype Mediation

Is it too difficult for you to come in during office hours for a MIAM appointment? Would you prefer not to sit in the same room as your ex for mediation?  Generally, family mediation is likely to be most effective when people speak face to face and in person.

However, the Family Mediation Council has (from Sept 2016) authorised the use of Skype mediation "when people cannot or decide not to come together in the same place to mediate".

Listening to what our clients want: 'unbundling' mediation

"Sorry, we can't do that; sorry, you have to do it our way."  How often do you hear this from sellers who are caught up with what they offer...rather than looking at what the prospective client really wants?

Back by Popular Demand: Off-Peak MIAMs

Last year we had a very successful trial of 'off-peak MIAM' appointments at a charge of £75 inc VAT - a reduction of £45 on the full rate.


These Off-Peak MIAMs are for children issues cases only and take place at St Albans (though mediation can take place at Stevenage or Hemel if the case progresses that far - conditions apply).


Quick Start Parenting Mediation

Some clients tell us they feel it takes too long to get mediation started, particularly where both parents have agreed they need to go to mediation.  

Five reasons to go to court about children

According to 'Advice Now' there are only FIVE circumstances in which you should go to court about children matters.

"They are:

1. If you have real worries about your child's safety or welfare with the other parent.

2. If one of you feels unsafe or intimidated.

3. If one of you has been preventing the other parent from seeing the child.  Courts now have powers to enforce court orders about this.

Limited number of half-price MIAM appointments available

From October 2015:

We often get calls from enquirers on low or modest incomes who say they are unable to afford a MIAM appointment - even if means they might be eligible for legal aid and a refund of the fee paid. They need an appointment, can't afford it, but because they are working aren't eligible for one of our 'legal aid pending' appointments.

One-stop shop isn't always the best place!

Do I have to use a solicitor in mediation? Will I need pensions advice? Where can I get the best expertise to help us sort out our finances?

These are the questions clients often ask.  Many clients feel they only want one expert to deal with everything.  While we are experts in mediation there are many instances where it is in your best interest to seek other expertise, be it from a solicitor or a pensions adviser.

New court form emphasises need to first consider mediation.

The revised C100 form - used for applications to ask the court to make decisions in children cases - is now available online.  

The form has been revised to make  clear that anyone going to court has to first consider mediation and the courts will not be sympathetic to people who try to get round this requirement.

The form requires people to sign the following statement:

FREE mediation sessions from 3rd November 2014

We sometimes come across cases where both clients want mediation and the case is suitable but no mediation happens - simply because one party can't afford the private fees.  

Think of a case where one parent stays in the family home with the children (we'll call him or her 'Chris')  and the other parent ('Alex') has moved out and is living with relatives.    

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