It's official: family mediation is both cheaper and quicker than non-mediated cases.

According to the Ministry of Justice 'the average costs of resolving property and financial disputes caused by separation is approximately £500 through mediation for a publicly funded client compared to £4,000 for settlement of such issues through the courts. 

The average time for a mediated case is, according to the Ministry, 110 days compared to 435 days for non-mediated cases'.

(Family Law Week, 20th February 2013).

All change! 1st April legal aid changes are more far-reaching than expected.

Family Mediation services such as Harmony Mediation are trying to digest the scale of the post-April changes to legal aid.

While there will be more funding available for legal aid mediation - up by £10million to £25million - there is also a tightening up of the rules about who is eligible and what documents they need to provide.

What's in a name? Legal aid changed its name to public back to legal aid!

The clock is ticking as we count down to the greatest change to legal aid in years, coming into effect on the 1st April.    Family mediation is the government's preferred route for people going through divorce with (for legal aid clients) free legal advice from a solicitors available to help with mediation.

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1st January 2013

Happy New Year to all our clients and professional contacts!

Three months to the great legal aid change....

2013 will prove to be an interesting year for family law as the government redirects legal aid for those separating or divorcing (or with a child contact matter) away from solicitors and towards family mediation, with effect from 1st April. 

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Countdown to the Legal Aid changes...just over two months to go!

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