What it Costs


Initial assessment appointment (MIAM*) fees

*Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting. A pre-mediation appointment.

We charge between £60 and £120 for a MIAM appointment.

Phone 01727 812464 to talk to one of our specialist administration team about your case.  Our experienced, friendly and helpful administrators are here to help you find the MIAM appointment best suited to your circumstances and pocket or to answer any questions you may have. 

We're here to help!


You attend on your own. We then contact the other party.

Fee includes cost of  contacting other party (£30) and signing any court forms (£30)



Please phone for details of available appointments.

Fee includes cost of contacting the other party (£30) and signing any court forms (£30)


ACCESS TO MEDIATION (Children cases)

At St Albans only.

For some cases where exceptional criteria apply (eg one of the parents earns below £30,000 per annum)  we can offer a discretionary rate as part of our 'Access to Mediation' programme.

Please phone 01727 812464 to talk to one of our friendly administration team to see if you qualify.

Please note there are a limited number of 'Access to Mediation' appointments available each month.

Fee includes the cost of contacting the other party (£30) but NOT the cost of signing any court forms (£30).

£100 + VAT = £120

per person
Payment can be made by instalment - phone for details.



£62.50 + VAT = £75

per person




£50 + VAT = £60

per person




Face to face appointments only. Not available by Skype.


£75 + VAT = £90

per person

Mediation session fees

Fees for mediation outcome documents will be discussed at your MIAM appointment.


£100 + VAT per person per hour

for all mediations starting after 1st May 2016.

Mediation cases can be a mixture of one hour and ninety minute sessions - agreed between the mediator and clients.



£62.50 + VAT per person per hour


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