A FREE mediation session for private clients?

The Ministry of Justice has just announced (20th August 2014) that they will fund a FREE mediation session for private clients where the other client is legally aided.

This means that, in practice, if you aren't eligible for legal aid but your ex-partner is, you will get not only a free MIAM appointment, but also a free mediation session.

If you are able to resolve issues in a single session (as happens in many children only cases) then all the work we have done on your case will be free to you.  Any fees you've paid will be refunded.  

This is part of the government's move to support families and also to encourage people to resolve their issues without resorting to court. They put it clearly in their message earlier this year where they encouraged separating couples to "Make Court the Last Resort".

See the government's Press Release here:


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