New court form emphasises need to first consider mediation.

The revised C100 form - used for applications to ask the court to make decisions in children cases - is now available online.  

The form has been revised to make  clear that anyone going to court has to first consider mediation and the courts will not be sympathetic to people who try to get round this requirement.

The form requires people to sign the following statement:

1. I understand that if I have not attended a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM), the court CANNOT process my court application unless there are special circumstances.
2. I understand that if I cannot show evidence that I do not need to attend a MIAM, the judge may stop proceedings until I have considered mediation.
The Courts, the Judges, the Ministry of Justice are behind this strong message: consider mediation before going to court.  
Even if you think the other person may not be interested in mediation you need to show YOU have tried.
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The full form can be found here:

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