One-stop shop isn't always the best place!

Do I have to use a solicitor in mediation? Will I need pensions advice? Where can I get the best expertise to help us sort out our finances?

These are the questions clients often ask.  Many clients feel they only want one expert to deal with everything.  While we are experts in mediation there are many instances where it is in your best interest to seek other expertise, be it from a solicitor or a pensions adviser.

When someone buys or sells a house they expect to use the expertise of an estate agent, a conveyancer, a surveyor and perhaps even a structural engineer if required.  You wouldn't expect one professional to do everything, would you?  You consult the relevant expert where and when appropriate.  You wouldn't skip an important stage 'just to get it all over'.

In divorce you may also need to consult a range of experts to help you get the best outcome.  It isn't something that should be rushed through or done quickly online.  That is why we strongly suggest our clients doing finance and property mediation take legal advice or other advice on the decisions being made.  It is that important.  We can guide you through the process, but you may need to consult other professionals.  We won't rush you through and promise to do everything.  Sometimes a one-stop shop may not offer a full enough range to really meet the customer's needs!






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