Five reasons to go to court about children

According to 'Advice Now' there are only FIVE circumstances in which you should go to court about children matters.

"They are:

1. If you have real worries about your child's safety or welfare with the other parent.

2. If one of you feels unsafe or intimidated.

3. If one of you has been preventing the other parent from seeing the child.  Courts now have powers to enforce court orders about this.

4. Maybe you haven't heen able to get a suitable response from your partner.  Sometimes a couert application can help to get a discussion going.  Often the court process will stop after the first appointment as an agreement can be reached.

5. The parent withe care of the child/ren has moved and cannot be located. The court can assist in finding and then contracting the other parent if they are within England and Wales.  If you are concerned that they may be moving outside of the country you need to consider seeking urgent legal advice


Sometimes parents think they want to go to court for the wrong reasons.  Maybe you don't want to compromise and think the courts will give you everything you want.  But this is very unlikely - courts don't side with one person or another but try to find a soluction that everyone can work with.

Often, deep down, people hope the court will 'reward' them or 'punish' the other parent for their past behaviour.  If this is what you want, you will be disappointed.

Parents also sometimes want to take their dispute to court because they think fighting every step of the way will show the children how much they love them. But going to court isn't the best way of doing that.  Making compromises to ensure the new situation will give the children what they need, even where that is painful for you, is much more likely to be effective."


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