Quick Start Parenting Mediation

Some clients tell us they feel it takes too long to get mediation started, particularly where both parents have agreed they need to go to mediation.  

We are offering a (for a limited period) Quick Start Parenting Mediation which takes the case from a MIAM into a starter mediation session - all in one visit to our office.  

There are savings of up to £332 (inc VAT) for clients who take this route to start their mediation.


One and a half hour appointment: a MIAM followed by an exploratory initial mediation session. These appointments take place at our St Albans office and are for private clients only.

We are trialling these appointment between January and Easter 2016.

We have kept the costs as low as possible by cutting down on administration and other costs. The following conditions apply:

1. Please discuss mutually available times and agree payment between you before contacting us. One of you should then ring in to book and pay for the appointment. (A deposit of £25+VAT (£30) is required to hold a provisional appointment. This will be refunded when the appointment is confirmed and paid for.)

2. Your appointment will be confirmed by email to you both.

3. You will be sent a form to complete and return by email before your appointment.

4. During the joint appointment the mediator will see each of you separately for a short period.

5.  No cancellations are permitted.

6.  If the mediator finds the case isn't suitable for mediation the usual joint MIAM fee will apply and the difference paid will be refunded to you. 

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