Listening to what our clients want: 'unbundling' mediation

"Sorry, we can't do that; sorry, you have to do it our way."  How often do you hear this from sellers who are caught up with what they offer...rather than looking at what the prospective client really wants?

We are very conscious that we have been a 'one size fits all' service up until recently, partly because we had a legal aid contract which constrained what we could do.  No more! We are now able to offer our clients what THEY have been requesting to meet their circumstances whether they are just about to separate or split up ages ago, whether they are on speaking terms or not really communicating.

To use the market term we are 'unbundling' mediation and offer a whole range of flexible services suggested by our clients.  Want a 'give it a try' one-hour session? Certainly. Want to try Skype mediation? Of course. Want to get it all done in one day? Not a problem! If there is a way in which mediation could possibly help you and your family just let us know and we can talk it through.

For a copy of our new 'Menu of Services' email with 'Menu' in the title. We'll email this straight back to you....and other than sending you one (only) follow-up email we won't hassle you further or pass your details to anyone else...we promise!



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