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Family Mediation: Your Quick Guide.

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We've put together the most frequently asked questions about family mediation.  If the answer to your question isn't here give us a call on 01727 812464.  We always have a trained mediation administration specialist available to help you.


Q1. What is family mediation?

Family mediation (or family law mediation) sorts out the practical arrangements necessary in divorce or separation.

It involves the clients sitting together with a mediator for to look at options and look for workable solutions. 

Mediation is also quicker, cheaper and less acrimonious than other routes.


Q2. Is mediation only for separating or divorcing couples to deal with money?

No. We also deal with co-parenting, child contact, child maintenance and other issues.


Q3. Does going to mediation mean I wouldn't use a solicitor?

In cases dealing with property and finance we always suggest that you take legal advice on the arrangements being developed in mediation - usually between the second and final sessions.  

This gives you the best of both worlds: you negotiate face to face but can then take an outline of your arrangements to get legal advice on how things are progressing. This is a faster, more cost effective and sometimes less acrimonious route.

By the way, if your mediator is also a solicitor by training (as some of our mediators are) they can't give you any legal advice only the same legal information any qualified accredited professional  mediator can provide.


Q4 I've been told I have to try mediation before I apply to court. Is that correct?

Not quite.  You have to consider mediation by attending a MIAM. You aren't being forced to try mediation.  The courts want to know people have at least looked at whether then can sort things out between themselves and are using the courts as a last, rather than first, resort.  (Don't worry - if mediation isn't suitable or isn't for you we aren't going to force you to try it!)

Make an appointment on your own to find out more and we will contact your ex.


Q5 How long does it take to complete mediation?

A children case can be sorted out in one session with a follow session at an agreed time to check on progress. (Check out our new 'Quick Start Parenting Mediation' on our 'What it Costs' page.)

Finance and property mediation case usually takes around three sessions. 


Q6 What is the success rate for mediation?

Just under 75% of our cases reach a successful outcome on some or all of their issues. 


Q7 I'm not quite sure about mediation...what can you suggest?

How about a one-hour session to try it out?  That way you can sit with your ex and see whether you can draw up an agenda and agree what you will - or will not - talk about.  If you then decide to go via solicitors you will at least have given mediation a try and can let the judge knows that if you are asked.

For a step-by-step description of the process click on the 'How it works' tab, above.


Want to find out more? Like to talk to a mediator about your individual issues, and talk about the options open to you?  Ring us to make an appointment on 01727 812464.  (Payment required at the time of booking.)


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